NPET Level 1 Dog Puzzle Interactive Toy and Slow Feeder


This dog puzzle toy is a great way to exercise your dog’s brain and provide fun, physical and mental challenges. It helps stimulate your dog’s sense of smell and enjoy the fund of feeding by moving the sliders with their nose or paws.

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Product Information


Safe, non-toxic materials

Non-slip design

No removable parts for safety

14 holes to hide food

Easy to clean

Size: 24.6*24.6*4cm


Exercise the Dog’s IQ & Search Ability. Use this dog puzzle toy to exercise your dog’s brain and provide funny physical and mental challenges. Exercise the dog’s sense of smell, improve their IQ and let the dog enjoy the fun of feeding by moving the slider with the nose or paw. Dogs like this kind of stimulating activity very much.

Interactive Educational Dog Toys. There are two-level toys and this item is level 1. This interactive educational dog toy has 8 flip lid compartments and 6 separate treat hiding spots. Your lovely pet friends just need to flip up the lid to eat the outside flipping food and slide to reveal 6 separate treat hiding spots to get food rewards. You can enjoy the relaxing time of dog interactive puzzle game with your pets.

Slow Feeder. Use this smart treat puzzle dog toy to let the dogs eat at a slower speed. It is an effective way to avoid bloating caused by dogs eating too fast. There are so many hiding spots so that you can put different healthy snacks. Dispensing dog toy can significantly extend the length of feeding time by 5-9 times. Two additional silicone anti-slip mats will be given for free. These silicone anti-slip mats can effectively prevent the dog from moving the toy during play.

Reduce Boredom and Develop Good Habits. This fun and rewarding puzzle let the dogs enjoy the process of searching and solving problems. Attractive dog-treated puzzle toy can provide interesting challenges for puppies. It’s an effective way to reduce dog boredom and destructive behaviour.

Safety and Cleaning. Safety: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave your pet alone with a treat. Remove and replace toy if damaged. Cleaning: Made of Food-Safe material, using warm water and mild soap, rinse thoroughly.

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