PETKIT PURA MAX Fully Automatic Self-Clean Cat Litter Box


PETKIT’s PURA MAX self-cleaning cat litter box removes cat wastes and odour automatically. The Petkit App allows you to manage this revolutionary cat litter box remotely anytime and anywhere. This hands-free cleaning device does not only eliminate unpleasant cat odours but also has 3 cleaning modes: auto-cleaning, scheduled cleaning and manual cleaning mode.
Designed for your utmost convenience and comfort fit for a modern lifestyle, this device truly makes keeping your home clean with a cat easier for you, the Petkit Pura Max is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litters such as tofu, mixed, clay, and more!

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Product Information

🐾 Large capacity waste box which means no scooping, cleaning or refilling cat’s litter box for few weeks.

🐾 Safety Protection Technology. Gravity Sensor automatically senses the position of the cat in all directions. Real-time push of app exception messages for so you can take immediate counter-measures.


🐾 Efficient, automatic system that cleans up your cat’s messes with no effort, hands-free

🐾 Saves your time and money by managing your cat’s toilet habits and removing only used litter

🐾 Compatible with all types of clumping cat litter

🐾 Provides the highest quality of safety for peace of mind through the whole new xSecure system

🐾 Keeps you up to date with the status of your cat’s health

🐾 Special TPE Rubber material to prevent cat waste from sticking, making it easier to replace

🐾 Detachable deodorizer to keep your home odour-free. The R&D Smart Spray Device purifies the chamber within after your cat finishes using it

🐾 Simple and easy to use. Equipped with an OLED screen for convenience

🐾 Extra-large capacity while remaining easy to clean



🐾 Device size: 62 x 53.8 x 55.2cm
🐾 Materials: ABS
🐾 Connections: 2.4GHz WiFi + Bluetooth
🐾 Recommended Cat litter: 5L


Within the box, you’ll have:

🐾 1x Petkit Pura Max

🐾 1x Cat Litter Pad

🐾 1x Users Manual

🐾 1x Pura Air Smart Spray

🐾 1x Trash Bag Roll

🐾 1x Adapter

Caution: This product should only be used for kitten over 6 months old and weight over 1.5kg

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