Aussie Mini Bites


All Barks delicious treats for Dogs of all types and sizes

The party starter entree ready to snack on. Yummy pieces of real Aussie lamb with superfood ingredients including cranberries, honey & spinach. Over 130 bites per bag!

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Product Information

Each 110g bag contains approximately 130 bite sized pieces of natural and healthy treats to reward your dogs with. All ingredients are responsible sourced from licensed and government certified establishments.

Suitable for all dogs in any life stage. Please make sure you have plenty of freshwater available for your dogs when rewarding them with treats.

High nutritional value ingredients including cranberries, honey & spinach plus added vitamins & minerals. Convenient sized bites for training or regular rewards.

Ingredients: Aussie lamb (67.9%), chickpeas, potatoes, honey, cranberries, spinach, sweet potato (30%), vit C, A, D3, B, thiamine, calcium, iron, zinc (2%), natural antioxidants & potassium salt (0.1%)

Feeding Guide: Ideal for training and reward only and not a food replacement. Always ensure your dog has access to fresh water.
Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein: 31%, Moisture: 13%, Crude Fat: 12%, Crude Fibre: 1%, 386 kcal per 100g.