PETKIT BREEZY X Zone Backpack Cat Carrier


Make traveling comfortable for you and your pet with PETKIT Breezy X Zone Backpack Pet Carrier!

Unique design made to maximise breathability. With the spacious room it provides your pets with a clear view of their surroundings while allowing easy rest. With your pet’s comfort in mind, this pet carrier features blackout curtains to reduce confinement anxiety during travel. The mesh fabric allows consistent breathability, keeping your four-legged friends happy and comfortable inside. The lightweight materials allow it to be foldable and easy to carry, making traveling with your pet a breeze!

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Product Information

Provides maximum comfort and accelerated breathability

Spacious and made from high-quality and durable materials.

Foldable and lightweight for unmatched convenience

Side pockets for extra storage

Anti-slip bottom

Backpack strap designed for reduce pressure


Caution: Suitable for smaller dogs and small to medium-sized cats under 6Kg



Blue and White, Grey and Yellow