ZIWI Peak Dog Can 170g Tripe & Lamb



A single protein food uniquely formulated with over 25% richly nourishing and highly palatable green tripe, a natural source of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Perfect for dogs of all breeds and life stages. ZIWI® Peak Tripe & Lamb dog food is a perfect choice for dogs with food sensitivities and selective palates. Moisture rich and full of goodness, your dog is guaranteed to love each and every bite.

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Product Information

High Protein, Nutrient Rich. Authentic whole-prey ratios, featuring 91% free-range Lamb, Organs, extra Tripe, Bone, and New Zealand Green Mussels. A mouth-watering, chunky pâté that is highly palatable for the pickiest dogs.

Grain-Free, Low Carb. Limited Ingredient (L.I.D) premium dog food without added carbohydrates, ideal for food sensitive dogs. NO cheap fillers such as grain, potato or peas, which are linked to obesity, food allergies, and other health concerns.

10% Superfood Boost. Extra Cold-washed Green Tripe, New Zealand Green Mussels, and Organic Kelp; holistic ingredients to support digestion, healthy skin and coat, joint health, reduce inflammation, and promote heart and brain health.

Topper or Complete Meal for all Life Stages. Perfect as a topper for a nutrition and flavour boost, and ideal as a complete meal for peak nutrition and health; optimized from puppy to senior dogs, large or small.

Ethical and Sustainable. Guilt-free sourcing, ZIWI uses only 100% free-range, grass-fed, grass-finished meats, and wild-caught seafoods, from New Zealand farms and pristine oceans. All ingredients are free from hormones, antibiotics, or growth promotants.