All For Paws Adjustable Dog Calming Wrap Anxiety Jacket With Heart Beat


This calming vest is designed to apply gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog’s anxiety, fear, and over excitement due to a variety of environmental triggers. This simple technique of maintained pressure has been scientifically proven to calm animals in the same way as cuddling a distressed infant relieves their fears.

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Product Information

Perfect gift for your dog.  All for Paws’ Zen Dog anti anxiety vest is an effective calming wrap to ease symptoms of anxiety in most dogs without the use of any chemicals. The gentle, constant pressure at your pets’ torso helps ease their fear, anxiety and over-excitement, calming them down, making them feel safe, like swaddling an infant

Made with Your Dog’s Comfort in mind.  This anxiety vest is made with extra comfortable and breathable fabric, lightweight and soft to touch, making it gentle on your dog’s skin even when wearing for long time. It is durable and machine washable which makes it super easy to care for.

Effective Anxiety Relief. The calming vest is effective in reducing your dog’s anxiety during thunder, sudden loud noises, travel, fireworks, flames, strangers, separation and other anxiety triggers.

Comes in 3 Sizes.

Lightweight and Easy to Use. Adjustable flaps for perfect fit. No complicated straps or buckles which makes it easier to put on your dog. Helps with anxiety, constant barking, and hyperactivity.

Batteries not included;

Please measure first before purchase (be sure to set aside 2-3cm)





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