Electric Dog Paw Cleaner Soft Silicone Pet Foot Cleaning Brush for Dog and Cat


Automatic dog paw cleaner with soft silicone bristles that can easily remove mud, dust, food debris and other stains on your dog’s paws. Just add a mixture of water and shampoo, insert dog’s paws, and turn the power button to automatically wash your dog’s paws.


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Product Information

Fast and Efficient Cleaning.  Clean your pet’s paws in seconds. Take this portable paw cleaner anywhere you go, or leave it by the door to get your pet’s paws cleaned before coming back into the house.

Perfectly Sized for Dogs.  Measures 6.3 inches in height and 3,9 inches in width. The inner size of the paw washer is 3.15inch, perfect for medium to large sized breed dogs.

Easy Use and Clean.  

Better Comfort & Secure.  Made with soft silicone bristles for the safety and comfort of your pets. 

Rechargeable and Portable.  Comes with a USB cable for recharging. 



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How to Keep Your Dog's Paws Clean

Keeping your dog's paws clean does not only benefit your four-legged friend but basically everyone who lives in your house. The dirt, and possibly germs, that accumulates on your dog's paws pose health risk to your entire household.

Here are some of the many ways to help you keep your dog's paws clean.

Put a Cleaning Mat Outside Your Door

Place a snuffle mat outside your door where your dog can wipe off dirt from its paws before coming in the house. The mat has to be cleaned regularly. Train your dog by placing some treats on the mat, then offering a reward for scratching at the mat with his paws. Add a marker word, such as "wipe," so your dog learns to clean his paws on command.

Use Pet-Safe Wipes

Pet wipes have become an essential part of owning cats and dogs (pets) these days. They are pretty handy and are great to use to keep your dogs and cats clean and smelling fresh in between baths. Wipes are particularly useful when you're travelling with your pets. Pack some wipes when you head out to the dog park so you can clean up your pet's paws before getting back in the car, instead of having to wait until you get home.

Bathe your Dog Regularly

If you suspect that your dog has harmful substances accumulated on their paws, the best option may be to give them a bath. If your dog's paws are the only dirty party of their body, you can try just washing the paws with a dog wash and warm water. Automatic Paw Cleaners are also now available in the market. Stylish Pets' Electric Dog Paw Cleaner is equipped with soft silicone bristles to gently clean your cats and dogs' paws.