PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

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PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT Mini Pet Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl 

If you’re looking for a convenient and smart feeding solution for your cats and dogs, the Petkit Fresh Element Mini Smart Automatic Pet Feeder is the right choice for you. Equipped with smart technology that you can easily be managed through your phone. Controllable via app with WIFI to schedule your pets’ meals, this smart pet feeder is definitely an easy feeding solution.

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Product Information


Small But Smart. The mini feeder is only 0.017m³, which is equivalent to approximately 5 packs of tissues, but can store up to 2.8L of pet food.

Remote Management App. The PETKIT app can give you a scientific feeding method, or add extra meals as needed.

WiFi Connectivity

Weight Sensor. Low food level alert.

Energy Backup. Backup battery will operate and keep the dispenser working in case of a power failure.

Easy to take apart and clean


WiFi connectivity
2.85L Capacity
Powered by DC 6V/1A