PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Feeder Solo


PETKIT Fresh Element SOLO Smart Feeder – Available in GREEN, ORANGE, DARK GREY, and WHITE.

Food-grade ABS made storage container with 304 Stainless Steel feeding bowl. This smart feeder is the newest addition to the SOLO series.

The newest addition to the SOLO series, feed your pets like never before with the PETKIT Fresh Element Solo Smart Feeder! The storage container is constructed out of food-grade ABS while the feeding bowl, with 304 Stainless Steel.  The new improved impeller is not only more durable and reliable, but also effectively prevents food from overflowing or being jammed; making it perfect for different types of food (dry, air-dried, freeze-dried, kibble<12mm). It’s also compatible with the app so that you can have full access and control! With duo lock systems specially designed to keep food fresh, you can have a more comprehensive food selection to ensure better quality in your pet’s meals.

  3L food storage capacity

  4GHz Wi-Fi support (5 GHz Not Supported)

  SUS304 stainless steel feeding bowl (replaceable)

  Wi-Fi & Bluetooth duo binding

  Mix pet food type compatible

  10 meals/day Max

  10-50g food dispense per meal

  This new SOLO Smart feeder can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi(2.4GHz) and Bluetooth, which gives a better linking experience than before. With remote control, you can schedule feeding times and monitor food/device status! The Built-in emergency backup battery can cover power outages and ensures offline feeding.

  Silicone sealing ring and a pack of silica crystals on the lid and door to guarantee freshness.

  Quick and easy to clean


Product Information

Product dimension: 31.6 x 29.6 x 16.7 cm

Dispense both dry and freeze-dried pet food (With kibble size less than 12mm)

Connect via both WiFi(2.4GHz) and Bluetooth: Easier to pair with your smartphone while being more stable and reliable.

Washable and easy to assemble and detach.

Emergency backup battery to ensure the dispenser’s active status during cases of power failure.

Programmable with remote control through the PETKIT app



Please make sure the portion of freeze-dried food is less than 20%

Does not support 5G WiFi.




Dark Grey, Green, Orange, White