ZIWI Good Dog Reward Beef 85g


Pure New Zealand Beef Recipe – Dog Treats

Made with New Zealand’s gress-fed and free range beef that has a reputation of being the world’s best. Our beef are raised simply, with access to fresh grass 365 days a year. Just as our beef is raised, our recipe is simple too. Few ingredients but full of flavour. Ziwi Good Dog Rewards is a perfect choice for dogs of all breeds and life stages.

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Product Information

Guilt-free Training. A long flat shape with complete and balanced nutrition for guilt-free training

Ethical and Sustainable. All our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced from our farms in New Zealand. All proteins are grass-fed and grass-finished.

Rewarding Training. The crumble-free recipe and great taste allow for a distraction-free training.

Air-dried Nutrition. Great choice for the pickiest pets! The centuries-old method, slow and gentle air-drying method we utilise naturally preserves food without artificial fillers and while retaining nutrients and maximizing flavour.

Limited Ingredients. When less is more! We use only the best ingredients and powerhouse superfoods in all our recipes; 96% fresh meat, organs, and bones, green mussels, organic kelp, and green tripe are all great ingredients to support optimal health of your pets. Our recipes do not include peas, legumes or potatoes.